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Islamic Ring finger tally digital counter-Lap Track, Ring Run Speed Skating, digital counter, belt
Tally Counter – Lap Track/Ring Run Speed Skating/digital counter ,Belt adjustable

The world’s smallest commercially available electronic tally counting device
Adjustable finger strap – discrete – hardly visible.
Tally counter suitable for business, pleasure and many sports.

Counts up to 9,999 laps, runs, goals, strokes, overs, hits, people, goods delivered etc etc
For use in cricket, triathlon, baseball, basketball, walking, cycling, parachuting, rifle shooting, bird
& bat watching,also training for almost any sport – football, hockey, stool ball, golf, skater etc

In business as a crowd counter, storekeeper, stock control, libraries etc etc, whether you are a
referee, umpire, scorer, coach or other official or simply trying to count your own performance,
Can also be used for counting trees, plants, fishing, even karaoke and other singing contests –
the list seems endless juding from the number of people buying them!

•  Ergonomic design
•  One hand operation   Long-life battery
•  Easy to read
•  Easy to use Perfect for self lap counting
•  Rugged case
•  Bold display  Large function button   Light weight
•  Finger/ring/hand


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